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Video studio rental  with transparent board

3 video studios in Moscow. Rent from 3500 rub / hour

New format  for shooting video lessons, lectures, online courses, webinars and online conferences.

The guarantee of a good picture, high quality  sound and fast automated shooting. 

 The rental price includes: 

Our Services

Transparent board

Shooting in  Full HD

Professional camera  will provide a high-quality picture in the video.

Transparent board

Ability to write / draw on the board with bright markers.


Now you will not forget important words. Record a video using the prepared text.

Lapel microphone

The sound system will provide high quality sound.


Interact with presentation elements, charts and GIFs in real time. Use augmented reality, display phone and laptop screens.


The finished material can be immediately viewed on a computer and posted on your resources. 

Studio light

3 softboxes and front LED speaker illumination.

Choice of background

Premium Black, Navy Blue, Gray, Chroma Key.

Our services

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Studio with equipment

From 3500 rub.

● 10 hours - 44,000 rubles. (discount 11,000 rubles)
● 40 hours - 140,000 rubles. (discount 80,000 rubles)
● 100 hours - 300,000 rubles. (discount 250,000 rubles)

Studio with chroma key

from 4000 rub.

Hosting a webinar

from 4900 rub.

Video studios in new cities

Now it is possible to shoot video lessons, online courses, conduct a webinar or live broadcast not only in Moscow.

Video studios with professional equipment and transparent board

in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg,  Ufa, Almaty and Kiev.

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видеостудия хромакей
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 How it works? 


The speaker becomes facing the intended viewer.

There is a transparent board between it and the camera.


The speaker sees presentation slides that are automatically inserted into the video and draws in front of him with a marker on the glass


Interactively interact in real time

with graphics and gifs


Thanks to two types of backlighting, the picture is bright and rich