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Video production

Development and production of video content

A comfortable studio with professional equipment, we help during the entire filming process.

We use unique visual effects of augmented reality, save your time and money for post-installation and operator.

Turnkey video from 10,000 rubles

In our video studio, you can shoot a video on any topic. 
Involve presentation, gifs, charts, writing on a whiteboard with a marker.

We will support all your creative ideas and implement them into a high-quality video.

Advantages of producing video tutorials for distance learning in our studio

Video kit  equipment

The rental price includes professional equipment for filming:

2 video cameras, studio light, 2 lavalier microphones, teleprompter, background of your choice, transparent board.

New technology

Presentation slides are automatically inserted into the video, the ability to interact with charts and gifs, open and scroll the site, write / draw on a transparent board  bright markers.


time and money

After filming, you get a finished video that you can post on your resources. The process of preparing and filming becomes 2 times faster and 40% cheaper.

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