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Video studio franchise

By popular demand, we launched a franchise business. We received requests from colleagues from all over the world, not only through a special form on the website, but also in the comments on YouTube  and Instagram. Appeals come  from all over the world: Nigeria, Iran, Brazil, India and other countries.

We already have experience in starting a business through a franchise. And this is not only Russia, but also Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Currently open 5  studios that work successfully. 


Payback  1 year

money (1).png

Sale of one studio brings $ 12,000 to $ 27,000  (depending on configuration)


Earnings on renting a studio  from $ 30 to $ 100 per hour.

Work algorithm

You purchase a turnkey video studio from us. Next, we will teach you  make money on this: rent out the studio, sell to educational and other institutions; explain how to enter into partnerships with universities in order not to pay rent and receive commercial orders for filming; how to advertise correctly.

Thus, by purchasing a franchise, you receive not only equipment and technical competencies, but also special competencies for launching and developing this business. You will be the official representative in your region. If we receive leads from this region through advertising, we will transfer these customers to you.

We provide all methodological materials (how to set up these studios, how to sell them, who to sell them to, how to consult, commercial offers, technical support), incl. an online course in which we'll show you how it works.

Sample videos from our studio

The Video Board company is interested in partnership. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to grow with us and provide clients in your area with modern solutions in online education .

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