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My name is Semen Ustiantsev, I am the founder and owner of the company.

And I want to tell you more about our experience and our team.



We started functioning with producing our first transparent board for Yandex in 2017.


Our team was one of the first who started to use activities with interactive transparent boards.


Since then, we have certified our products. Produced and delivered over 500 pieces.


It was not an easy path.

Next step

Online education should be interesting

Then we did not stop producing transparent boards.


We began to offer them to services related to online education.


We were increasingly immersed in this world of education, that would be accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.


And we decided that this would be our next step.


We will make the creating educational video content more accessible, easier and more interesting for everyone involved.

video studios

And after 2 years, having come a long way and gained experience, we designed and installed our first video studio.


It wasn't a real success. There were a lot of pitfalls, that teach you something new only when you start acting. And all these difficulties proved that we had chosen the right way.

We continued to develop ourselves and spread the idea that video studios should no longer be a set of equipment that is difficult to use.

We make video studios that become "chalk" in the hands of teachers who draw the road to knowledge on the blackboard.


3 years have already passed since our first studio. We have become leaders in the design and installation of video studios. Now we cover not only design work. Today we are:


video studios

Complete work on design and installation of video studios.

Full cycle works

Creation of 3D projects and repair of the room from the construction stage.

Production of equipment

Own production of transparent boards and teleprompters.

Software engineering

Preparing your own software for the hardware and studios.



Consultations on recording video content, technical consultations, consultations on setting up studios.

Rental of equipment

We rent out our transparent boards and teleprompters.

Rental of video studios

Franchise network and several own studios for rent.

Research activities

Participation in acceleration programs and grant research.

The Team

From the small to the great.

The first year- the most difficult year.


There were only two people in the team.


Two people, who believed that online education would soon destroy the common boundaries and it was necessary to create a convenient instrument for it.


And as ambitions and opportunities grew, so did the team.


Today there are 15 professionals in their area, not counting outsourced employees.

Every day we work hard to improve our products and provide the best service. Create something new.

Certificates and diplomas