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Organization of live broadcasts

TV bridges, live broadcast from anywhere in the world.

All professional equipment for high-quality live broadcasting.

Cost from 30,000 rubles.

организация прямой трансляции

Rent a studio  with a professional  equipment  for online conferences

Have  US  there is  everything for you to conduct a high-quality broadcast

Advantages of holding a conference from the Video Board studio:

  • Before  3x FullHD or 4K camcorders, video quality TV level

  • Good quality sound

  • Display screencast from laptop, tablet and phone.

  • Demonstration of presentation and other media materials in real time

  • Broadcast of videos, intros and additional materials of the conference

  • Viewer feedback from social media, chat or broadcast platforms

  • High-speed uninterrupted internet

  • A team of professionals with extensive experience

 An example of an online broadcast 

1st International Cyber Football Tournament World Flags Cup 2020.  Passed  with the support of the German Embassy and the Khimki District Administration. The tournament took  participation of schoolchildren from 6 countries.

Technical capabilities  Studios Video Board 

студийное освещение

Studio lighting

профессиональный звук

High quality sound

фон хромакей

Chroma Key Background

скоростной интернет

High speed internet


Teleconferences with remote participants


Social media broadcasts

титры и спецэффекты

Titles and special effects

 Sample videos from our studio 

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