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Teleprompters VideoDoska

We have not found a modern device on the market that meets all the trends.
Convenience. Mobility. Independence.

We have created our own teleprompter

And he meets all the trends

Remote control from any device
Customization flexibility
Beautiful design
A light weight


What are you getting?

  • Do you just want to read the text, and not learn a lot of material?

  • To get your camera to stand up without any problem?

  • Do you want the text to be bright and readable from a distance?

  • Could you control the text yourself?

  • On the contrary, for another person to do it?

  • Throw stuff straight from your phone?

This is all a teleprompter VideoDoska

For you, we have created our teleprompter in three versions

This is a combination of not only our own production of the device, but also software specially written to meet all the needs of a modern speaker.


19-inch screen. If you have everything except the frame, this is your choice.

There is no monitor, no microcomputer, no tripod.
We just set up our tablet, camera, put it on a tripod and shoot.

На сайт.jpg

19-inch screen. Here is everything you need to screw.

Microcomputer with software is already included.


Main difference: 27 '' screen and full metal frame

A microcomputer with software is already included.

If you still have questions:
Leave your contact details and our managers will contact you:

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