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Filming online courses


We specialize in video production in the field of online education and video presentations.


You can also order a turnkey commercial from us,  with unique graphics and augmented  reality.

Have  US  there is  whatever you get from  US  with well recorded video!

Course creation process and conditions 



Development of



Tell us about yourself and course ideas

We draw up a plan for further actions

Methodology, storyboarding, timing.

Recording your online course

Get ready-made video content

Cost of creating online courses

Course up to 1 hour

Course up to 3 hours

Course up to 15 hours

Course more than 15 hours

from  RUB 10,000

from RUB 25,000

from 55,000 rubles


Operators who know all the subtleties and secrets of their profession will help you to record a video. There are no unsolvable problems for them.

Among the main advantages:

  • professionalism

  • high quality

  • promptness

  • affordable price

In the studio, you can shoot video clips on various topics. In order to use the service, it is enough to place an application by phone or on the website  studios.

Video Board Studio guarantees that the video clip will be informative, as useful as possible and at an affordable price.

Advantages  studios 

Sample videos from our studio

Subscribe to YouTube channel

Even more new, interesting and useful  videos.

Backstages  and sample videos from the studio. Customer reviews and latest news.

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