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Glass marker board

Video board rental
from 20,000 rubles

 Lightboard construction 



Tempered glass has increased strength, shock resistance and safety. The glass is as transparent as possible, strong and resistant to mechanical stress. Micro scratches are possible on the glass in accordance with GOST.

Аренда видеостудии.jpg


Edge RGB backlighting of glass, colors are controlled by the remote control. Thanks to which the markers glow brightly and are clearly visible. The speaker LED backlight replaces the front light.


The metal frame is powder painted black. Stable, demountable frame  provided with wheels with wheel chocks. Suitable for transportation.



Neon, glowing, luminescent markers are used for writing and drawing on glass, LightBoard and other non-porous surfaces.   The picture glows in a neon color of different shades, depending on the color of the LEDs glow.


Renting a drawing board

photo_2023-07-05 14.20.47.jpeg

Transparent board 100 * 175 cm


Transparent board 110 * 195 cm

 Transparent whiteboard with LED backlight 

видео уроки для дистанционного обучения

Lightboard lets you combine whiteboard work with video footage without further editing.

Drawing well-visible sketches, graphs, texts, familiar gestures, combined with good quality video recording, significantly increase the level of education. The use of additional useful functions is also available. For example, Powerpoint graphics overlay. Innovative technologies allow not only saving time, but also producing educational material of the highest level.

board rental includes

We deliver and collect the board from  locations

A pack of markers for drawing on a blackboard

Board and filming consultation

очистить доску за 30 секунд.gif

The board can be easily cleaned with regular cloths and microfiber.


And also with water and glass cleaner  Karcher as shown in the video.

Transparent board delivery

доставка прозрачной доски.jpg
прозрачная доска доставка.jpg

 application  transparent board 

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